According to a new report, Paramount wants to get into the M.A.S.K. business in the biggest way possible by giving it its own film series. Hasbro and Paramount are already working on putting together films, but it seems that M.A.S.K. may be getting extra special treatment. Deadline is reporting that F. Gary Gray has teamed… read more

Steven Spielberg looks like he’s ready to finally to jump into the world of comic book movies, but with the rather unlikely choice of Blackhawk. Coming off the success of Ready Player One, Spielberg and Warner Brothers look set to team up again. According to The Wrap, Spielberg has agreed to produce a film adaptation of… read more

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You can stop holding your breath for Mad Max sequels as those are probably not happening now. It has been revealed that George Miller is locked in a lawsuit with Warner Brothers over a $7M bonus the director claims he was promised. Reportedly he was offered the bonus if he brought Mad Max: Fury Road… read more

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Dwayne Johnson once again proves he’s a winner at the box office with his new monster film, Rampage. Rampage didn’t look to be the clear winner when the weekend began, but thanks to word-of-mouth it took off on Saturday. It took in $34.5M domestically and a further $114.1M foreign. It now stands at $148.6M globally… read more

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If everything goes according to plan, the Disney and 21st Century Fox deal could wrap up by Summer 2019. But there are still hurdles to go. First announced in December 2017, estimates placed the deal being wrapped up in 12 to 18 months. Some analysts found this timeline conservative, but it seems it may have… read more


It appears that Mad About You will be the next sitcom to get a revival, if it can find a home that is. Television appears to have gone revival mad as of late. Will & Grace is pulling in decent numbers for NBC and has already secured orders for two additional seasons. Roseanne has pulled… read more

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Jessica Jones season 3 was given the greenlight by Netflix on Thursday, but the first thing that pops into my mind is what, if any, lessons did everyone learn from season 2? I loved the first season of Jessica Jones. It was an original take on superheroes showing how they can be just as flawed… read more

Jumanji has turned into the little engine that could. From a dismissed reboot of a franchise to a box office powerhouse, one has to wonder what comes next. When it was first announced that Sony Pictures would be rebooting the Jumanji film franchise, everyone groaned. There was no way this could be good. Well, apparently… read more


Not all hope is lost yet for Warner Brothers proposed Batgirl film as a new writer has been chosen. Christina Hodson has landed the job of writing the script for the film based on the female Caped Crusader. She is also the scribe of the upcoming Bumblebee Transformers spinoff film, and 2017’s thriller Unforgettable. The Batgirl… read more

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Solo: A Star Wars Story is inching closer to release, and now the marketing campaign is in full swing. Kicking it off? A new trailer that finally gets me at least somewhat interested. Up until now I have been amazingly indifferent to Solo. The idea of someone else playing the iconic smuggler bothered me (and… read more


Low budget horror seems to be a formula for box office success, especially when its well reviewed. First place went to A Quiet Place with an extremely healthy $50M off of a $17M budget. With the reviews it’s been hitting it seems like it will continue to perform well. Ready Player One took in $25.06M… read more

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As we head into the time for the network upfront presentations, it’s time to start wondering what is going to be renewed and what’s canceled for the 2017/2018 television season. While not all decisions are final, we already know a good chunk of which ones have been renewed. It was a turbulent season to be… read more

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