September 28 2016

CW gears up for a big season

The CW is gearing up for a big season it seems and is making several moves to make sure you don’t forget it. Despite most networks already being a couple weeks into their fall seasons, The CW kicks off its new episodes next week, and to that end it has launched a new sizzle reel… read more

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In a complete non-surprise, Doctor Stange has been confirmed to be part of Infinity War. Doctor Strange hits theaters this November, but already Benedict Cumberbatch is looking forward to the next time he will play the Sorcerer Supreme. He is due to head to Atlanta at the end of the year to work on the… read more

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It doesn’t look like anything this fall is really going┬áto take off like a rocket. The Magnificent Seven has once again ridden into the box office and it took the top spot with $35M off of a $90M budget. Second place went to the new animated feature Storks with $21.8M off of a $70M budget.… read more

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Jon Bernthal’s Punisher is gearing up for another appearance, but the question is where. A scheduled appearance at New York Comic Con by Jon Bernthal has been canceled and that is causing all sorts of speculation as to what may be going on. Due to his Netflix production schedule, @jonnybernthal will only be at #NYCC… read more


Filming of a scene for Transformers: The Last Knight has caused controversy over Nazi symbolism. The fifth Transformers film is currently filming in Oxfordshire, England, and some controversy was caused when Nazi banners and extras in SS uniforms were spotted. Our Exclusive images of Blenheim Palace covered in #Nazi flags on the cover of Today's… read more


After years of rumors and false starts, it looks like Pacific Rim 2 is really going to happen. Pacific Rim 2 now has a start date set for Nov. with filming set to take place in Australia and China. The film will have Steven S. DeKnight behind the camera as opposed to creator Guillermo del… read more

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A bit of news has surfaced regarding the future of Star Wars and Marvel that will surprise absolutely no one. Speaking at the Goldman Sachs Communacopia conference on Wednesday, Disney chief Bob Iger answered some questions about the future of the Star Wars and Marvel film universes, and, well, guess what… more films are coming.… read more

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Passengers looks as though it’s going for a good old-fashioned sci-fi adventure, and I’m all for it. Here’s the good news: Passengers is a totally original script. It’s not a reboot. It’s not based on a book. This script has been floating around Hollywood for nearly a decade, and now it is finally headed to… read more

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Star Wars Episode VIII is still over a year away, but it may finally be time to put to rest the idea that Rey is a Skywalker. My thoughts on whether or not Rey is Luke’s daughter has gone back and forth since The Force Awakens. As of late I’m landing on the side that… read more


The fall movie season is upon us and the box office reflects that. The new Tom Hanks and Clint Eastwood true life story Sully spent a second weekend at the top of the box office taking in another $22M. It now stands at $70.54M domestically and $93.94M globally off of a $60M budget. Blair Witch… read more

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After some contract wrangling, it appears Tom Cruise is signed for a sixth Mission: Impossible film. Pre-production had already started on a sixth Mission: Impossible film earlier this summer when things were halted due to contract negotiations with series headliner Tom Cruise. The film was slated to begin filming in Jan. 2017, but due to… read more

Margot Robbie has signed a lucrative deal with Warner Brothers and it includes a Harley Quinn spinoff film. At just the age of 26, Margot Robbie has taken control of her career like few other actors have. Robbie has done a lot of work with Warner Brothers and now she has set up a first-look… read more

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