February 15 2019

Bond 25 delayed again

It seems the saga of the 25th Bond film stretches on a bit further. It was announced on Friday that the film has been pushed back two months to April 8, 2020. No reason was given for the delay. The release date for Bond 25 has changed. Producers Michael G. Wilson and Barbara Broccoli: “We… read more

Toy Fair 2019 is upon us and that means it’s time for me to head back to the Javits Center. As you read this I’m in the air and on my way to New York City. It’s going to be my busiest Toy Fair ever, and also my longest trip to New York. Overall, this… read more

I try very hard to not get sick. I wash my hands constantly. I think about what I’m touching such as doors. I try my best to avoid it happening because it’s inconvenient to a lot of people. One luxury I do have, however, is I work from home. So when I do get sick,… read more

On Monday Hulu announced that it is launching four animated Marvel series. Not only that, but it’s diving deep into the Marvel archives and pulling out some real weirdness. M.O.D.O.K. as a family man? Seriously? Of course, the one everyone is focusing on is Howard the Duck. I’ve already seen people lamenting this because they… read more


It may have won the weekend, but it seems the shine is off of LEGO a bit. LEGO Movie 2 took the top spot this weekend with $34.4M. While not a bad haul, it’s about half of what The LEGO Movie took in its opening weekend five years ago. Second place went to What Men… read more

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February 10 2019

I am so over winter

Enough. I’m done. On Saturday I ran into town with my father for groceries. It was our first run in some time due to snow… then ice… then more snow on the way. Due to ice this past week, I have not seen my mail or UPS delivery folks since last Monday despite my having… read more

Warner Bros. is said to be working on a horror-based Aquaman spinoff. According to the reports it is totally based on The Trench portion of the film. Part of me is puzzling over this, but there is another part of me that is thinking, “Sure. Why not?” The time has probably come for the studios… read more

There’s secrecy and then there is just, “Wow. That’s a secret.” Inside of Lucasfilm there is a group known as the Story Group. They are responsible for keeping all of the various media in line with one another. It seems that even this super important group has no clue what the title is at this… read more

To absolutely no one’s surprise, it looks as though the 2018 version of Halloween will be getting a sequel. It seems that Blumhouse is in talks with Scott Teems who also recently wrote a remake of Firestarter for the studio. It is expected that Jamie Lee Curtis, Judy Greer, and Andi Matichak will return to… read more

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The Simpsons renewal on Wednesday wasn’t a huge surprise, but how is this even going to work? With a renewal for seasons 31 and 32, The Simpsons will set more records, will hit 713 episodes and so on. But will it still air on Fox channels? With Disney acquiring Fox, it couldn’t acquire the TV… read more


Let’s face it, you’re never getting rid of Chuck Lorre. Lorre has been a hit machine for CBS for years now with Two and a Half Men and The Big Bang Theory. With the latter leaving the air this year, CBS has locked him down for at least two more seasons by renewing Mom for… read more


Super Bowl weekend is always a quiet one at the box office, and this year is no different. Glass took the top spot this weekend with $9.53M for a new domestic total of $88.65M and a global total of $198.95M off of a $20M budget. Second place went to The Upside with $8.85M for a… read more

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