According to new reports, Clive Barker is in talks to reboot Nightbreed as a TV series over at Syfy. Based off of a short-story called Cabal, the property was turned into a feature film in 1990 under the name Nightbreed. Since then the property has been pretty silent. According to the report from Deadline, Barker… read more

Despite rumors to the contrary, Lucasfilm has not paused the A Star Wars Story series, but it is indeed taking a new look at them. Speaking with sources inside Lucasfilm, The Hollywood Reporter says that stand-alone Star Wars films are still happening. “They haven’t slowed down development, but they are licking their wounds,” said a source… read more

It appears that what Mickey Mouse wants, Mickey Mouse plans to get. Even if that means spending way more money than he originally planned to. Disney has been in the process of buying 21st Century Fox for $52.4B for some time now. Then Comcast decided to spoil the party by offering $65B in an all-cash transaction.… read more

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Following on the news that Star Trek: Discovery has changed showrunners again, CBS seems to have big plans. And it may even mean the return of a fan favorite. According to The Hollywood Reporter, CBS has signed a new $25M deal extension with Alex Kertzman. This new deal will also see Kurtzman developing new Star… read more

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You better like Star Wars because it appears that Lucasfilm and Disney are about to unleash a whole bunch of it right at your face. Voice actor Tom Kane was speaking at All Star Comic Con this weekend and let loose with some news. The actor is deeply involved with Star Wars, and according to… read more

A new benchmark has been set for animated films thanks to Incredibles 2. The top spot at the box office this week went to Incredibles 2 with $180M, and globally sits at $231.5M. This was the largest opening weekend ever for an animated film. Ocean’s 8 slid 53 percent to take in $19.55M and land… read more

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Warner Brothers has multiple Joker films in the pipeline, and it appears at least one of them is filming this year. According to Omega Underground, the stand-alone origin film will begin filming in September. If you’ve lost your “Joker Movie Project Scorecard,” this is the film set to star Joaquin Phoenix with Martin Scorsese producing… read more

Star Trek Discovery has gone through yet another shakeup. As production was wrapping up its fifth episode, According to The Hollywood Reporter, Arron Harberts and Gretchen Berg have been let go from the series. The reason given was “leadership and operational issues” which is said that they were becoming “increasingly abusive.” This is the second… read more

In the ongoing fight to save canceled shows, Netflix has stepped in at the last possible moment to save the canceled series Lucifer. How last minute? As of Friday night, the actors would have been released from their contracts. Lucifer was canceled in May by Fox, but the executives at Warner Brothers immediately tried finding it… read more

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The DC Extended Universe is a mess, but that isn’t stopping plans moving forward. It appears that the long-delayed Flash movie will go before the cameras in 2019. This is definitely on my “I’ll believe it when I see it” list. A lot of this has to do with Diane Nelson and Geoff Johns vacating… read more


It seems that Comcast is a bit more than serious about scooping up 21st Century Fox. While it seemed as though the merger with Disney was a done deal, Comcast finally made its formal offer for the Murdoch owned company, putting in a big of $65B. Currently, Fox has a meeting on the books for… read more


Avengers: Infinity War has joined a very exclusive club and become only the fourth film to cross the $2B mark at the box office. While crossing the billion-dollar mark has now happened 34 times, only four films have had the honor of more than doubling that. The top four films are now: Avatar – $2.788B… read more


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