I think if you tied Madonna in chains, put her in a casket and sank her in the ocean she would STILL find ways to get everyone to talk about her! While I am not her biggest fan in the world (her musics ok, I just don’t do backflips over it), I have to tip… read more

First Jesse Ventura became governor of Minnesota, now Arnold Schwarzenegger is running for California governor. My theory? The cast of the sci-fi movie “Predator” is slowly trying to take over the country.… read more


August 25 2003

Freakin paint jobs

Like I said, this is more for me than anyone else, so hence my subject….&$(%)#& PAINT VARIATIONS ON TOYS! I am responsible for writing all the Ebay auctions for the company, and we just got done running 3 & 3/4″ GI Joe’s. (The little guys from the 1980’s) These pains-in-the-butt had more paint variations than… read more


August 24 2003


Just giving it a test to see if it’s working. Knowing me, this will be the last update for awhile;)… read more


August 24 2003


Ok, well one post worked, so let’s give you some idea of what I plan on doing. A long time ago (around 1999) I got the idea for “Rural Ramblings”. It was going to be something like a blog, but I got tired real quick or creating a page for each entry. As my website… read more