August 25 2003

Freakin paint jobs

Like I said, this is more for me than anyone else, so hence my subject….&$(%)#& PAINT VARIATIONS ON TOYS! I am responsible for writing all the Ebay auctions for the company, and we just got done running 3 & 3/4″ GI Joe’s. (The little guys from the 1980’s)

These pains-in-the-butt had more paint variations than you could shake a stick at, and if you get the auction description just a little bit wrong it can mean the difference between a $5.00 figure and a $40.00 figure. Well, I made one of those mistakes. I have corrected the situation to the guys satisfaction, but the fact I even have to worry about it just annoys me.

And what brainiac at Hasbro (the company who made them) thought “You know…he had a black hat…let’s make him have a yellow hat for the second half of the run just to annoy people!”


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