August 29 2003

Madonna’s MTV VMA Kiss

I think if you tied Madonna in chains, put her in a casket and sank her in the ocean she would STILL find ways to get everyone to talk about her! While I am not her biggest fan in the world (her musics ok, I just don’t do backflips over it), I have to tip my hat to her marketing genius. She never fails to get people talking about her.

I read one article
today saying how it appeared Madonna’s performance with Brittany Spears and
Christina Aguilera was “symbolic of her handing the torch to the younger
stars.” Excuse me? Did you see the same performance as I did? Brittany and Christina were nothing more than Madonna’s back up singers! Let’s see…She has Brittany dispose of her top hat, then Christina has to take her coat, and then they spend the rest of the performance flanking Madonna…sorry, but that is not “passing the torch”. To me that was more “Let me show you kiddies how the adults do it.” Trust me folks, Madonna is a LONG way from passing the torch to anyone, and especially the likes of Brittany or Christina.

Why am I even writing about this? I have no clue.

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