September 4 2003

Music Prices

I remember when I was younger I would buy 2 ? 3 music CDs a week. Over the years my interest started to dwindle from a combination reasons, mainly pricing increases and what I saw as the general decline in quality of the music I was hearing.

If you ask the music industry, they will tell you I am no longer buying CDs because I am apparently downloading all the music illegally off the web. Well if you search my hard drive you will find a couple of MP3?s, but not many. You will most definitely not found any current music though. If I don?t want a piece music, even as an illegally downloaded MP3, why would anyone think I want to pay $18 to buy it on CD?

While I am encouraged by what I have read in the news today, I still don?t see the music industry saving itself. Musicians are being wildly overpaid and it is time that the record companies stop asking us, the general public, to pay these outrageous sums by charging us outrageous prices. I will not argue that the rise in internet downloading has hurt sales of CDs, but it is almost a ?which came first situation?. Are sales hurt because of the downloading, or has the rise in downloading been caused by the over-the-top prices we have been asked to pay?

At least we can say one thing is, at least we aren?t the highest priced country for CDs. Pick up a new Jpop CD in Japan sometime?.3500 Yen. As of this moment, that would be $29.97.

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