September 15 2003

I pick a side

There are so many things in the world I have opinions on, but being a small business owner I have to bite my tounge. I can not afford to come out to strongly on one side of any hot button issue for fear of alienating the other side of the argument and thus losing their business. Today though I have decided to take a stand. I am going to come right out and declare my opinion on a subject just about everyone has discussed.

Am I going to declare my political party? Who really cares about that!?!

Am I going to declare who I want to be Governor of California? I don’t live there, what would my thouhgts on the subject accomplish?

Do I feel peace is possible between Israel and the Palestinians? I might issue a thought on this if I was sure I was spelling Palestinians correctly.

No boys and girls, today I will declare my feelings on a subject that has caused wars…made brother turn against brother… torn families asunder.

Ladies and Gentleman, Boys and Girls, there is only one clear choice in this matter…

Dick York was the better Darrin!

No clue what I am talking about? Obviously you were never Bewitched… oh my… I really didn’t just say that did I?

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