November 1 2003

Where has all the good music gone

Maybe it’s just me, but I think in general that music quality has gone to pot. Where I used to be 2 -3 cd’s a WEEK it is amazing if I buy 2 – 3 a YEAR now. And for the record, nope, I’m not downloading it either.

Let me give you an example, years before Ska was the rage and every band with a horn section got signed, I had been skanking up the dance floor. When the Ska boom hit and there were a gajillion bands being signed, there were still some gems amongst all the crud. Take No Doubt for instance, a decent band with heavy Ska influences, but not 100% ska by any stretch of the imagination. With each passing album though I have become more and more discouraged with their sound. And this latest album…ugh. First song out “Hey Baby!” wasn’t bad, so I admit I randomly downloaded 2 other songs from the album to sample (which is something I *do* do…I download to listen to before deciding to buy the album). Hated both songs and then deleted the files. Now, is what I did illegal? I don’t think so. I did not use it as an alternative means to buying, I used it as a means to make what I feel is a wiser music buying choice. To me that is no different than listening to the radio. Certainly I realize there are numerous people using downloading as a complete replacement to CD purchasing, but for me it is a matter of saving my money from bad purchases. (and to anyone reading this, again I state, I download, sample the song once or twice to decide if I like it and then DELETE the file. I do not not keep the files or trade them with other users. I don’t need any lawsuits:))

But this is just one example of many I have. In general I can not stand the music being made today whether it be top 40 or indy. I found myself doing something I never saw myself doing…Listening to classical on a daily basis. Somedays though I go wild and listen to music made up to about 1995 at the latest, but anything after that…I simply can not find anything worth listening to.

The music industry has been very quick to blame music downloading for all their woes, but I think perhaps they also need to be looking in their own house for some problems. Soaring prices, poor quality and a general sense of “Who really cares about the consumer” attitude is also contributing to their current state of problems.

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