January 5 2004

Fingerprinting and you

I never promised TIMELY entries.

Anyway, I just LOVE this one (story
here). Ok, this is either really bad reporting or there is a huge loophole in this. It says in the story ” Tourists and business travelers on short visits from 27 mostly European nations are exempt from the new measures.”

A) If this is a reporting error, will only residents of those 27 countires be exempt, or will ANY arrival from those countries be exempt? Because if it’s the second part….

B) “Well I want to terroize America. If I leave from country X they will fingerprint me and take my picture. If I fly to country Y first and THEN on to America I can just walk through. Gee….which should I choose”

The article also goes on to mention ” The program was launched at 115 airports and 14 cruise ship ports across the country, but not yet at land borders, which account for a large part of traffic into the United States.” Can you imagine that headache at ground borders? Oh my goodness. “Well I got in line on Monday….it is now Thursday.”

Folks, I am all for protecting our country, but this one just reeks of all show and no substance. I really do not see how this will protect us. It appears to me be all for show to make us feel safe.

And by the way….whose going to store all these pictures and prints?

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