February 3 2004

I’m not sure when it happened, or really how it even happened, but I have come to a realization about myself….My name is Sean and I am a Disney addict.

Now don’t go thinking my house is covered in Mickey Mouse, it’s not. I can no longer deny it though, I truly love the works of Walt Disney and his original Imagineers. The only true sign you will find of my Disney love is some Haunted Mansion ride related items in my house…a few Nightmare Before Christmas statues…a couple of Little Mermaid statues…DVD sets….oh man, I was wrong, Disney *IS* all over my house.

However, all that being said, I now find myself siding with a camp of people against the Disney company. If you have not kept up with what is going on with Roy Disney, you really need to go read (And for those who don’t know who Roy is, he is Walt’s nephew).

Michael Eisner is single handidly destroying what made Disney what it is today. And in turn he is essentially spitting on all the original ideals set forth by Walt himself. To me, the final straw was closing down the feature animation department at the Orlando studios. Apparently Mr. Eisner no longer sees a need for hand drawn animated features in the future of Disney. Excuse me, but no hand drawn animated features from Disney is like saying “We really don’t need Walt.”

I know a lot of people out there are saying “But I hate the Disney company!” and I can’t say as I blame you. All I would ask is that you realize you are actually hating the Michael Eisner version of the Disney company. You would be hard pressed to hate the original vision Walt had for his empire. A vision where it truly was an idealic Happiest Place on Earth. Where if a park bench in the theme park had a paint chip, by the next day the bench was repainted (a budget that Eisner cut several years ago), that children were the most important customer (as opposed to Eisner only being concerned about keeping the shareholder’s happy) and producing some of the most beautiful animation the world has even seen (see above for Eisner’s take on that…and also note I said “some of the most beautiful”, some being the keyword).

So please, take just a moment of your day and check out Thank you.

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