February 16 2004

Oh Canada….

You gotta love the web somedays. Ok, as everyone knows, President Bush was
arrested and convicted of a DUI when he was 30 (proof
Flashforward to the present day. Someone showed me this on the Canadian Embassy
website (exact page

Persons Who Are Inadmissible to Canada

Persons who have been convicted of a CRIMINAL OFFENCE in ANY COUNTRY may
be INADMISSIBLE TO CANADA as a result of their criminal record. Even persons
who do not require a Visa to enter Canada may still be refused permission
to enter Canada if they are MEMBERS OF AN INADMISSIBLE CLASS.


Members of Inadmissible Classes include those who have been convicted of
MINOR OFFENCES (including shoplifting, theft, assault, dangerous driving,
unauthorized possession of a firearm, possession of illegal substances, etc.),
or of INDICTABLE CRIMINAL OFFENCES (including assault with a deadly weapon,
manslaughter, etc.). As well, those who have been convicted of DRIVING WHILE
INTOXICATED (DWI) are considered Members of an Inadmissible Class. Driving
while under the influence of alcohol is regarded as an extremely serious
offence in Canada.

Um….does this mean President Bush could never go on an official visit to
Canada? Would they REALLY say “Sorry Mr. President, but you’ll just have
to turn Air Force One around and go home.” Makes ya wonder!

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