June 6 2004

Well you didn’t tell me….

I have been too busy lately to post, but this one just screams “POINT OUT MY STUPIDITY”

First, go here

It seems that a University student is going to sue the University of Kent at Canterbury for not catching him EARLY in his plagerising. That by giving him good grades on his papers, by taking his tuition, that they essentially gave into his plagerising. To say this guy needs to have his head smacked repeatedly is an understatement.

First off, is there anyone, anywhere, that does not know that plagerising is wrong?

Secondly, there is now software to check papers for plagerising, but in the past did he expect professors to check every word of every paper? Get a grip you little idjit.

This angers me to the point of my blood boiling. Grow up you little cheating pain in the behind. What’s next? “Well no one told *me* specifically killing was wrong….”

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