August 16 2004

I’m leaving, on a jet airplane…..

Well, in less than 12 hours I am leaving for St. Louis. Will stay there tomorrow night. Fly to LAX on Tuesday. Stay in LA on Tuesday and come Wednesday, I’m off to Tokyo again. Kind of scary how I am not getting that “stoked” feeling I got the first two times I went. I would hate it if going to some place I love as much as Tokyo would become common place.

I will be logging on while I am there, but not sure how much time (or energy) I will have for blogging. I have SO much to do on this trip it’s not even funny. I thought 2 weeks was to long to stay at one point, now I am not sure even a month would be enough time to get everything done that I need. As expensive as it is though to go and stay there, 2 weeks is really all I can afford. Hopefully no hiccups will happen this time, but I am going to try my darnedest to make sure they don’t.

Hope to blog ya from Japan!

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