September 1 2004


*SOB* I am mere hours from leaving Japan to head back to the USA *SOB* This trip has some real ups and downs, but it seemed to really come together towards the end. Things with my new company seem to be happening. Finally got some good buys for the regular old AnimeUSA, and some leads for my next trip.

No matter what though, I have to remind myself sometimes “Wow…I’m in Japan!”. Maybe it’s because I kinda know my way around now that it seems a little mundane, but no matter what, I am thrilled to be in a country I dreamed of coming to for 20 some years.

I can clearly remember the first time I was really aware of Japan, and it was also the same day that I knew someday I had to come here. I was in 2nd grade at Kachina grade school in Glendale, AZ and my teacher had invited another teacher who had been to Japan to come talk to us and show us slides of her trip. Three things struck me in that talk:

1. Explaining how their language structures sentances differently
2. A slide showing how close two houses were to each other. Not even a foot between them.
3. And the final sales pitch…a picture of two Geishas.

I knew even then, at the age of 7, that that little slide show had just changed my life. I knew that no matter what, that someday I had to come to this country. And now I can say that I have spent 5 weeks of my life here. I know that is a drop in the bucket compared to some, but it doesn’t matter, I am thrilled to be able to say that.

When this trip wasn’t going so well business wise I was really questioning if I had enough reason to come back again. I think that question has now been answered, and I *will* be back. However the thought that this might be my last trip ever here, it was really depressing. I tried to enjoy every minute though, and I am thrilled to say that things look like I will return again. Not sure when, but it will happen.

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