October 3 2004

State Of TV

I must be getting jaded. This TV season has left me SO underwhelmed that is amazing. Let’s take a look at a couple of my examples:

Joey – Folks, I *barely* made it through the first episode. This was just a sad sad grasp at a follow up. the character of Joey worked in an ensemble setting, but on his own, it gets tiresome within about 10 minutes.

Father Of The Pride – It’s a sitcom with animated lions…no new ground is being broken here. It is just your standard sitcom plots, just set in a weird locale. (Although the true stars of the show should be the VERY odd Sigfried and Roy’s they created for this show “What is this monstroisty that sits where our favorite Applebee’s should be?!?” I nearly cried)

It’s not just the new shows though…..

NYPD Blue – The second episode was a lot better, but boy did that season premiere stink the place up!

Smallville – Smallville seems to feel a need to rush through EVERYTHING. Take the season premiere for instance, would anyone care to tell us about the black Kryptonite? What does it do? Where was it found? How was it found? How did anyone figure out what it would do?

Don’t get me wrong though, there has also been some really decent stuff also…..

Dead Like Me – I know it’s on cable, so they can do more, but damn this show is impressing every week!

Third Watch – This show is worth your time just for Molly Price who plays Faith Yokas

Gilmore Girls – Rory is no longer little miss perfect and boy is it keeping my attention

Overall though, this season REALLY needs some help!

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