October 13 2004

Stupid, Stupid Stories

WOW! Two stupid news stories in the same day WITH a common theme! This rocks!

The first one relates to a high school senior who had his yearbook picture taken with his skeet shooting shotgun. (You can see the story here) The school informed him they couldn’t use that photo. After a compromise vote it was determined the picture could go in the community activities section, and his senior pic could have other tools of skeet shooting, but not the shotgun.

Excuse me, but do photos of guns now constitute a threat to people? “Look out! He’s got a picture of a rifle!” The kid is proud of his accomplishments, let him be! The kid, understandably, is not happy with the compromise and his lawyer is fighting the school over it. Here is where the school messed up though as they have a written policy which states ““We encourage the use of school sponsored publications to express students’ points of view. They shall be free from all policy restrictions outside the normal rules for responsible journalism.””

Um….which part of responsible journalism did this violate?

Story #2!

It seems a high school student was suspended for having a replica of a civil war era musket in his car trunk. The kid was part of a civil war re-enactment and had left his costume and replica gun in his trunk. Someone spotted the musket while his trunk was open and he was reported to the police and arrested for it. He is now facing school disciplinary action.

Folks…it’s a musket…a replica musket at that. If the musket had been in his trunk without the costume, I might understand people wondering, but the costume was right there. He has numerous witnesses that he was at the civil war battle….how can ANYONE with any sense in their head view this as a danger to anyone? “It was horrible! He fired a horrendously inaccurate shot, took 5 minutes to reload and then missed again! The horror! The horror!”

Shall we add in the fact the musket was in his trunk? You know, not in the school…not out in the open, but in his trunk? This is just beyond silly. Now admittedly, I would like to know if the kid had a history of discipline problems, that might explain some of this, but if he didn’t, than this school is out of their minds.


Let’s face it folks, Columbine was a horrible and dark day in our county’s history, but I think we may be carrying things a little far when we ban a picture and go after a kid for having a musket.

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