December 21 2004


I don’t normally get THAT excited about movie trailers, but I have watched this one *eight* times already, and I am about to watch it again! I am *SO* ready to see this movie!… read more

1952’s High Noon is considered by many to be the first “adult” Western. A Western that finally addressed bigger subjects than simple good vs. evil, white vs. black. Marshal Will Kane (Gary Cooper) has just married a Quaker named Amy (Fowler) Kane (Grace Kelly) and is giving up his post as Marshall in Hadleyville to… read more

Figured I might as well post my occasional movie reviews I write for the heck of it 1967’s Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner probably raised more than a few eyebrows at the time of it’s release. Sadly though, if you can not put yourself in the mindset of that time, the potential emotional impact of… read more

I had just been thinking “Wow…there has been NOTHING to comment on lately.” Then, like a gift from on-high came this little gem. Thank you Philadelphia! It seems that 10 year old Porsche Brown has committed that most heinous of all crimes…she had scissors! *pauses so the audience can stop gasping* Yes, I can see… read more

General Rants

December 5 2004


Could someone please explain to me why people go nuts for the Bawls drink? A store in my town finally started carrying it, and after hearing people rave about it for years, I bought one abd gave it a try. Yep…I love paying $1.49 for what tasted to me like a 7-UP that had gone… read more