December 12 2004

I can understand not running with them, but……

I had just been thinking “Wow…there has been NOTHING to comment on lately.” Then, like a gift from on-high came this little gem. Thank you Philadelphia!

It seems that 10 year old Porsche Brown has committed that most heinous of all crimes…she had scissors! *pauses so the audience can stop gasping*

Yes, I can see where there was a potential for a problem, but come on folks, they were in her bag. Was there really a reason to haul her off in cuffs? For that matter, was there even really a reason to call the cops? Yes, I know the article said that this was the law, but come on! And now, on top of all this trauma, a 5 day suspension? The possability of being sent to a special disciplinary school seems wrong to me in the extreme.

What I really love is where the article goes on to say “and new policies give administrators the power to expel students for infractions as minor as violating the dress code, chronic tardiness or habitual swearing.” Dress code violations? DRESS CODE VIOLATIONS?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

I am *so* thankful I do not have a child currently going through any school system in America, as they seem to have ALL lost their minds!

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