January 7 2005


Could someone, anyone, explain to me why Third Watch doesn’t get more recognition? While I grant everyone that most of TV is dribble, this show constantly impresses me with tight story lines, well rounded characters and some stellar performances.

In particular, tonight’s episode was wonderful. Resolving a story line dealing with the murder of Ty Davis’ father, that had been a sub plot from as far back as season 1, was handled with great skill cutting back and forth from the early 1980’s to present day with some nifty editing tricks.

This episode also demonstrated how it is willing to let every character/cast member have their moment in the spotlight. Skipp Sudduth, who plays the occasionally annoying Officer John ?Sully? Sullivan, delivered a very nice performance of a police officer who could no longer live with his own guilt for his involvement in Ty Sr’s death, and finally decides that no matter what, he must give Ty Jr justice. Hardly any of the rest of the regular cast was seen in this episode and it was really Mr. Sudduth’s chance to shine, and he did a superior job.

While the entire cast shines, it is Molly Price, as Det Faith Yokas, that makes sure I come back week after week. Ms. Price is a fantastically talented actress in this role who brings so many layers to the character that it is at times jaw dropping.

I know it can be scary sometimes jumping into a show late in the game, and sadly there are no DVDs out for this series yet! (a crime in itself!) Please, PLEASE, give it a try though!

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