January 12 2005

Sean considering Apple products? *GASP*

Anyone who knows me, knows that since I replaced my Commodore 64 with my first 286 12 mHz computer, I have been a die-hard PC man. Over the years though I have come to respect Apple for some of their very forward thinking. Yesterday though, they blew me away with two announcements.

I have been on the fence about the iPod since it first came out. The iPod Shuffle might very well change my mind in a hurry! Small, efficient, easy to use….oh momma! Yes, I know it’s just basically a flash stick, but man, there’s just something about it.

Then came the big one though….the Mac Mini (although I can’t stop calling it Mini Mac). $499 for the low end, $599 for the high end? DVD burner with Bluetooth fuctionality? *drool* *slobber* AWFULLY tempting I tell ya…awfully tempting.

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