January 15 2005

It *still* feels like Christmas!

Most years I have a heck of a time getting into the Christmas spirit. It isn’t from a lack of wanting to, it just seems to not always come that easily. I think alot of times it has to do with my let down of the amount of build up for just one lone day. Maybe if it was multiple days I would get more into it, but when it is just one day it is difficult to get all gung-ho over it.

Something different happened this year though, and I am not sure what caused it. For some reason, instead of my normal apathy, I was struck by an overabundance of Christmas Spirit. Here it is, January 15th and I still have all my indoor Xmas decorations up. Not only that, but I am still turning the lights on every single night! Like I said, I have no idea what caused this, but I guess there could be worse things in the world!

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