January 22 2005

Apprentice 3

Tight on time again today, but I really wanted to comment on the beginning of The Apprentice 3. In no way do I think this show is the be all, end all of the world and quite frankly, I can’t stand Trump. All that being said though, this version of the series strikes close to home as I do not have a college degree.

So, all that being said….I *really* think they slanted this show to the “Street Smarts” team. The “Book Smarts” team supposedly has an equal IQ average, but boy they sure didn’t prove it in the first episode. Simple mistake after simple mistake piled up on them. Maybe this was all done with editing, who knows, but the Book Smarts team just seemed beyond disorganized. And what in the world was with the inclusion of Danny? For those who did not watch the show, Danny is a leisure suit wearing, guitar playing, hippy looking guy who doesn’t seem to have a clue. Yes, he has a college degree, yes he has his own business, but this guys inclusion seems like an obvious “Look at the wacko” casting move on the part of the producers.

Over on the street smarts team….well, we didn’t seem to get to know them as well. The editing seemed to be leaned much more towards showing how inept the book smarts team was. The only member of Street Smarts we got to really know was Brian, and boy, that was a treat. Thanks Apprentice guy for including the stereotype everyone has in their minds of what non-college grads are like…much appreciated. Loud, cursing and “slick”. Thanks guys.

So long story short, the editing definitely, at this point, is leaning to show sympathy to the street smarts team. I am hoping as the show progresses that it will even out a little more and show a true fight between the two educations.

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