January 28 2005


Oh my goodness….I nearly had a heart attack today. My inner geek came screaming to the forefront when I read about

Ain’t she purty? Let us stare at some of her nifty features!

# Easily manage your entire home network from one integrated web-based

# Network all your computers together (Net-Box? is Windows, Mac and Linux compatible)

# Expand your network with built-in wireless (802.11g) access point features

# Share your broadband connection among all your computers

# Create and control your own email addresses

# Keep hackers and spammers away from your network and your email

# Host your website and publish your photos and videos to the world

# Share your printers among all your computers

# Backup and synchronize your desktop files with your Net-Box?

# Access your files from anywhere from any platform

# Enjoy a fully integrated web-based productivity suite featuring email, contacts, calendar, file management, file sharing, photo publishing, notes and more!

# Use any IMAP email clients and LDAP PIM applications such as MS-Outlook, MS-Entourage,
Netscape, Eudora Mail, or Mozilla to connect to your Net-Box?’s email and address book server

Now come on, I know all these items exist already, but in one little box? A NAS Drive, Wi-Fi Router, Print Server, Web Server and e-mail server? Dynamic DNS? 60 Gig and 120 Gig flavors?

Tonight when I lay down to sleep…there is only one thing I will be dreaming of

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