January 30 2005

Apprentice 3 Chugs Along

I almost forgot to mention this. Last week when I talked about the first episode of The Apprentice 3, I mentioned specifically the loud Street Smart member Brian. Well, big suprise, he got himself made into Project Manager for this weeks project and promptly demonstrated he had NO smarts and got himself fired.

The task was to renovate a hotel as much as possible in 2 days with $20,000, take care of incoming guests and the team with the highest satifcation score would win. Brian’s biggest mistake? He didn’t have a budget set yet and he tosses out $700 on a dumpster crew. Not bright. Next mistake…buying 14 brand new toilets when only a few needed replacing. Lack of leadership skills were also painfully obvious. All in all it was just a disaster of a task.

Adios Brian…we won’t miss you.

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