February 5 2005

More Apprentice 3 Stupidity

Maybe it’s just me, and it probably is, but The Apprentice 3 is keeping me riveted far more than the previous two seasons. The Book Smarts Vs. Street Smarts aspect of course is dear to my heart, but just in general, this is a fascinating colelction of…well…morons.

This weeks episode featured a first, a candidate quit. Apparently Verna, whom nearly walked out last week, couldn’t handle the “stress”. Honey, it’s a game for crying out loud! Get a damned grip!

Then came the actual task, come up with an exciting way to promote Nestle’s Nescafe brand. (the product placement is a little out of control on the show this time around) Well Street Smarts did come up with a great promotion, no doubt about it and deserved the W.

Book Smarts though…my lord, they should all be lined up and shot except for one or two of them. Danny, who got the boot in the end, showed no leadership skills what-so-ever. (although I personally did not have a problem with him taking a vote as some people did, but that is somewhat they way I run things) In general though, he allowed his team to get totally out of control, and most specifically Michael, who was feeling untouchable because he had immunity from the previous week.

Michael, Michael, Michael…..if you think you have ANY hope of winning this now, you are insane. To be quite frank, I would wonder about ANYONE hiring you now you schmuck. Someone tells you to do your job and you threaten to throw them out a window? Yeah, please come join my company. Can’t wait to work with ya!

The only member of Book Smarts to show any..well…smarts was Stephanie. Yes, she found the over-priced party planner, but once she heard the price, she spoke out against it. She felt it was a bad idea, stated such, and refused to take any responsability for the hiring of them. Good for her.

Street Smarts, good on ya. You picked a theme, worked your way through it and really nothing else need be said. Congrats!

Can’t wait for next week…apparently bonehead decesions get so out of control that BOTH teams get in trouble…YAY!:)

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