February 6 2005

The $900 Cookies

Ah, my faith in humanity is restored! According to this news story, if you DARE do something kind for your neighbors, like say bake them cookies, you can be rewarded with a lawsuit! YES! At last, something to deter those damned random acts of kindness that terroirzes the country!

Ok folks, look, 10:30 PM was probably a bad time to knock on a rural neighbors door, but come on! The parents offered to pay the medical bills, the kids wrote an apology, let’s face it….you are a royal witch for suing these girls.

I am actually furious over this. This country suffers from a lack of many things, and one of those is a lack of random acts of kindness. Don’t even dare think of doing it though, because nowadays that will get you sued in this country.

And that brings us to a second problem in this country, the number of lawsuits. The fact any lawyer took this case amazes me. The fact the judge ruled for this….woman….amazes me also. Congrats to 850 KOA-AM Radio in Denver for taking up a fund for these girls so they wouldn’t have to pay the fine themselves!

You can read the most detailed report at The Durango Herald Online. And you can find even more stories about it in this Google News search.

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