February 12 2005

HP + Gateway?

Well this is interesting. There is a rumor going around that HP may buy Gateway, just like they bought Compaq a few years back. I used to be a big Gateway fan, but there customer service went to pot as they got bigger. I tried one Dell, and HATED it and then switched over to Compaq and immediately fell in love.

So when HP bought Compaq I was a WEE bit nervous of what was about to happen. Would they destroy it? Would the brand be no more? Well, as you can see from the link above, they are still around, and I still love them (my office has 3 Compaq’s, 1 HP and 1 Mac. At home I have a Compaq laptop and desktop).

So if they actually buy Gateway, what does that mean? Hopefully that there will finally be someone to challange the waste of space Dell’s are.

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