February 17 2005


Well… Mambo is sweet, but it wasn’t working out for blogging like I hoped. So I am going to with WordPress for now.

I have to admit, I have allowed the innovations in the web get away from me a little. I haven’t dealt with PHP files or MySQL databases at all. I had to open up some PHP files for editing, and it was like looking at greek to me. I will get a handle on it though.

I do think I will use Mambo to redo the company website though. It’s awfully freakin powerful and looks like it will do everything I need it to do. Plus it has several different shopping carts built for it already. I also am taking this oppurtunity though to hire an old customer/friend from the early days of the retail store to do the intial dev work for us.

So much going on with the old company…redoing my personal site…with the new company…many sleepless nights to come I think.

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