February 19 2005

Apprentice 3, Episode 5

Wow, an episode of the Apprentice without a name barnd product tie-in? Was Trump not feeling well?

That being said, it was an interesting challange. Each team was given $5000, a blank mobile trailer and a trailer construction crew to come up with a mobile business. Between 8 & 4 the next day they could be open, and whichever team made the most money won.

Book Smarts went with a mobile massage/spa idea after Bren was made Project Manager. Overall a decent idea, but I had my doubts about it. Stephanie made a very valid point about the massage stands you see in malls never being used, but no one seemed to want to listen to her.

Street Smarts made Tana Project Manager, and went with a suggestion of Angie’s to make a mobile casting call. Huh? You want people to pay $25 to visit with a casting director? Um…..ok.

So, gotta say neither idea impressed me, but that’s life. What were the nit-picky things though? Bren was pretty lousy as PM, but most PMs do suck. His decesion to have his 3 marketing people drive from Manhatten to Queens to deliver burgers was idiotic. You couldn’t order a pizza? No Chinese? Nah…make people drive 30 – 45 minutes to deliver ya the food! And as per usual, Michael was useless. (Although it was worth it just to have Erin make her “Michael, Mommy’s talking” comment.)

While I didn’t like Street Smarts basic idea, they did seem to have little to no problems after the hiring of the casting director. And Angie’s inability to secure a casting director was just embaressing. I believe it was Audrey who finally pulled it off.

So come task day and you really couldn’t tell what was happening on either side except for…*shock* Michael being a whiner. When all was said and done though, Street Smarts won in a $981 to $918.50 victory. (I am still trying to figure out how Street Smarts did $981 when they were charging $25 each) Since they won they were sent to spend $20K on pearls as their reward. Good for them.

In the boardroom though, Bren brought Stephanie and Michael back in with him. Stephanie for being, in his opinion, a whiner, and Michael for being a slacker. Trump didn’t take long to end mine’s and everyone elses pain. Bye-bye Michael.

If this seems a little disjointed, it is. This episode just did not grab me for some reason. Not sure why.

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