February 25 2005

Survivor Palau Episode 2

Weird, weird episode. Let’s see, we had Angie bowl over EVERYONE in the reward challange. Young, old, in-shape, out-of-shape…good for her. And it certainly got her head off the chopping block for the potential of boot out in this episode.

Koror found their flint, how I have no clue. After tons of effort though they got the box off the ocean floor, and hence, they now have fire.

With Ulong winning reward they got their flint and fishing equipment. So with Ulong now having fire AND food/protein you would think they would kick ass in the immunity challange. Oh my, oh my, oh my….couldn’t have been further from the truth of what happened. Where Ulong kicked Koror’s hiney from her until next week in the reward challange, Koror slaughtered Ulong for immunity.

So your tribe is going back for it’s second Tribal Council out of the first two episodes…never a good thing. It’s demoralizing, it makes your team work harder and it gets harder and harder to pull yourself out of this hole.

In the first week you always get rid of the bossy loud-mouth. (Well almost always, there was the very bizarre guy, Peter, in Marquesas who just freaked everyone out with his ramblings) You have to start looking for the weaklinks or the future threats.

This is always a tough decesion. If you get rid of the weak links you MIGHT stregthen your team. If you get rid of the popping up alliances, you make your postion in the tribe more secure. Decesions, decesions.

So this week you had the weaklinks of Ashlee, who appeared to be mentally giving up already or Kim, who did absolutely NOTHING during the immunity challange. (and was made even funnier by host Jeff Probst pointing that out repeatedly during the challange). Kim was a double danger though as she apparently has a mini-alliance forming with Jeff.

So your vote really comes down to a weakling or a weakling/alliance former, whom do you choose. Apparently you go with the weakling only, so long Ashlee.

This decesion made really no sense to me, but that is the land of Survivor for you.

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