February 27 2005

Apprentice 3, Episode 6

Another week, another product placemant! WHOOP! After last weeks non-product placemant challange….it just felt like there was something wrong with the world. Hooray for Sony Playsation stepping in with the challange to do street grafitti on a large wall in Harlem to promote Gran Turismo 4.

Yes, let’s drop a majority white crew of business folks with little to no street knowledge into the middle of Harlem and have them go nuts! Yes, they did hire professional street artists, but still…seemed like a stretch to me.

So, all that aside, how did the teams do? Well oddly enough Book Smarts seemed to be on the ball when they decided to ask street kids to give them suggestions for the painting. Good for them. This is who you are trying to reach, you should go to them for advice. I applaud them, which may be a first for Book Smarts. (Although the concept of using Bren as a model for ANY part of the design, though it was only his fist, seemed like it sent the cosmos off it’s axis)

So for the first time I have to tear Net Worth a REALLY large new hole! Tara took the lead as project manager. She kept going on and on how she “knew” Harlem so she was a natural for this project and she wanted to give Harlem something that would also add to it. All well and good, but you need to think of two things 1)You should really know the product you are trying to sell and 2)Giving back to the community is all nice and good, but does it get the point of the product across?

Tara only focused on one element of the game since she didn’t understand the product. The Gran Turismo series is all about fixing up your cars and racing through different enviroments, not just one. If you don’t undertand this principal, than point 2 is already doomed because you won’t be able to get point 1 across.

So when it came time for Net Worth to go to the Boardroom (yes, Net Worth lost in case you didn’t guess), the team seemed splut on who to blame. Should it be Tara for not understanding the project well enough…Audrey for being annoying and arguing with Craig and for knowing the game, but not sharing the info with Tara? What about John, who also was familiar with the game and did not share the info?

What you do is you split from your original plan of bringing Audrey and John because they “hid” their knowledge of the game, instead you bring Audrey and Craig, because Craig DARED to question you in the boardroom! So what does this show Trump and his cronies? That your personal axes over rides your business decesion making process.

Bye Bye Tara…you weren’t impressive.

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