February 28 2005

Today Has SUCKED!

Wasn’t sure where to put this, so when all else fails, “Anything Goes” seems a safe place;)

So first off I wake up feeling all depressed. Not sure why, might have had something to do with the wrong number at 6:30 AM. Who knows.

The warm weather has snapped and we are in the teens again

I go to do a bank run….my back left tire on my truck is flat. Great. Since I work only 300 feet from my house, I run over to the house and grab the SUV.

Get the bank run done, walk out….back left tire on the SUV is flat. How in the freakin world do I have the SAME tire on 2 different cars go flat on the same bleepin day!

Luckily a guy pulls into the bank parking lot who just happens to have an air compressor. He offers to let me air up so I can get to the gas station. Yay Midwest freindliness.

Get to the gas station, get to sit there for an hour while they figure out the tire is trashed from numerous slow leaks. Wonderful. I have them put on the spare and tell them to order me a new one. Nevermind I still need to get the tire on the truck looked at.

And to top it all off, I have had *ZERO* motivation today to get anything done here at work.

Can I just go back to bed now?

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