March 1 2005

So Long....

NYPD Blue has certainly been a hit and miss show over the years, but no one could ever fault Dennis Franz. His portrayal of Det Andy Sipowicz was a job most actors would kill for.

From day one, Andy was not a likable guy. He was an ass, a chauvenist, an alcaholic and not very likable. Dennis Franz over the span of 12 seasons made you care for Andy. He inahbited this role and filled it with nuiance. He could take a squint and express more than any words ever could. Would you ever dream a hard boiled NYC detective would keep an 8-ball on his desk and pick it up, shake it, huff at it, and go back to work? It sounds silly, but it always worked.

Many writers, far more talented than I, will write the obituary for this series. They will be more flowery, more poetic, but this one comes from the heart of a true fan.

After 12 seasons, 261 episodes, it’s hard to say good-bye, but that time always comes. So long NYPD Blue…..I for one will miss you.

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