March 3 2005

Survivor Palau Episode 3

Ulong, Ulong, Ulong! What is with you?!?!? You have won 2 reward challanges in a row, but you can’t win an immunity challange to save your lives! Yes, Jeff injured himself before the challange, but you could have still won the immunity challange if you had used ANY strategy. (and btw, both challanges rocked tonight! Both were very innovative)

So before I go TOTALLY off on Ulong, let’s talk about Koror and their animal killing. Yes, you need to eat, but trading the snakes you had for the POSSABILLITY of getting a shark was just stupid. You are so rich in food you can afford to just toss food away so you might be able to catch something else? Thats just stupid. You had food, you need it, don’t “gamble” it away. Idiots.

Ok, so back to Ulong. The whole episode started off with Kim being all upset over Jeff Probst drawing attention to her and Jeff cuddling at night. HELLO! IT’S HIS JOB! Probst has gotten bolder with each passing Survivor on how much he calls the Survivors on, and I think it has made him a better host with each passing episode. Good for him! Mix it up, make them jumpy!

So the night before Immunity, Jeff did injure his ankle. You could see it was swollen, he was certainly not faking it. So he had to sit out the challange which involved carrying 20 lbs back packs in water. (And congrats to Stephanie for being the only woman to stay in the second challange and kicked ass in the reward challange also.) No way he could do it, he knew it, his tribe knew it, so he didn’t.

They get back from losing the challange and Jeff sacrafices himself to the tribe. “Evict me, I am going to be useless”, but yet people still looked to Kim and her lazy butt. I must admit, I was torn, but Jeff really did need to go. So, adios Jeff!

Next week, Ulong angers Probst again! YAY!

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