March 5 2005

Apprentice 3, Episode 7

With a whack-whack here and a whack-whack there, here a whack, there a whack everywhere a whack-whack.

That is the sound of me whacking Net Worth in the back of their collective heads.

Back to the random business concept, this week it was mini-golf. Yeah, whatever, fine. Still can’t decide if I like the product placemant episodes or the random business episodes better. Not my say though, I have to take what they give me I guess.

Like last week, let’s get the praising out of the way. Book Smarts…good on ya. You came up with a decesive plan, you locked in exclusive promotions, you got out there and you did your thing. Beyond that I can’t say much about you because this was very much a Net Worth episode to show the extent of their stupidity. But congrats to Book Smarts on the win.

To borrow an old Chevy Chase line from Saturday Night Live…”Net Worth, you ignorant slut…”. What were you people doing??? Ok, first off we had the Audrey freak-out which was…well…freaky. You wanted to scar your face because you were too pretty? What?!?!?!? Are you psychotic? After that little outburst I had to wonder.

As to the actual task….see, this is what annoys me lately about The Apprentice as a whole. The teams spend WAY to much time about covering their own behinds. No one thinks in a team spirit way. Sure, I understand it is a competition with only one winner, but you will get further cooperating with each other.

The clown idea was fine for the theme, but with no promotion, what did you expect? Apparently no one respected Audrey and that is why no one felt the need to work. I mean, come on Chris…chewing tobacco while in a clown suit? What in the world were you thinking?

Ugh…I can barely even write about this episode it angered me so much! All of Street Smarts were idiots. (by the way Angie, Audrey brought you into the boardroom for backup, not to ambush you…think before you speak and assume the worst)

And for once, Donald Trump and his cronies got me angry. Ok guys, yes, the project manager is ultimately responsible, no argument there. However, as a boss myself, when I assign someone to a management postion, I expect broad reports, I do not expect to know every little detail, and watch every little step they make. If I did that, why would I bother having them do the job? I am NOT going to micro-manage my people and the projectmanagers on this show shouldn’t be expected to either.

Anyway, Audrey’s gone…good riddance.

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