March 7 2005

Welcome (back) to ‘Deadwood’

Welcome (back) to ‘Deadwood’

This folks, is poetry. Any thing I could ever say about Deadwood would falter in comparison to this review. If you read no other part of the review though, you must see this:

“It is, in no particular order, a western, a gangster picture, a political drama, a lewd farce and a comedy of manners; an operatic potboiler chock full of sex, violence and profanity; a sustained long-form narrative that interweaves parallel plots tighter than hangman’s rope; a satire on American hypocrisy and greed; a portrait of needy, ambitious people who see through other people’s illusions but cleave tight to their own; a revisionist look at frontier life; a case study of a civilization struggling to create itself, and a weekly showcase for characters and dialogue so rich in complexity and contradiction that they deserve to be called Shakespearean.”

To me, that sums up this series. I have said it before, and I will say it again to anyone will listen, the first season may very well be the 13 greatest hours of television ever aired.

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