March 9 2005

the face of evil

The woman pictured above is Rachael Ray. She hosts three shows on The Food Network. They are $40 A Day, 30 Minute Meals and Inside Dish.

So why am I writing about her you may ask. It’s an easy answer…..I CAN NOT STAND HER! Has there ever been someone on tv that the moment you see or hear them you just want to run screaming from the room? Well that’s my relationship with Rachael. She has NO talent, her little girlish giggle is something akin to nails on a never-ending chalkboard and quite frankly….she makes my teeth hurt.

Let’s look at each of her shows shall we?

$40 A Day – If you have seen one episode, you have seen all of them. “Watch as I go to some town and stuff my little chipmunk cheeks with three meals for just $40 a day!” And if you will watch this show you will also come to the conclusion that she has the MOST amazing luck. Wanna know why? She has never ONCE gone to one of these resturants “recommended” by locals, taken a bite and gone “Dear Lord this is crap!” Anyone who has travelled AT all knows this is going to happen at some point.

30 Minute Meals – I will give her this, I like this shows concept. Failry decent meals, all of them cooked in…*gasp*….30 minutes! Good concept, just can’t stand her!

Inside Dish – END MY PAIN! END MY FREAKING PAIN! They should retitle this show, “Watch Rachael Kiss Celebrity Ass For 30 Minutes”. Truth in advertising…it’s a concept folks. She spends time with celebrities discussing their choice in foods and sometimes having them cook. Trust me boys and girls…it is FAR more painful than it sounds.

Tell me, someone for the love of all that is holy, tell me how this woman has gotten 90 minutes of television to her name! Not to mention she has books out! (no link…I am done promoting her)

If you see this woman on your television screen, run, do not walk to turn the channel. Protect yourselves first and then assist your children.

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