March 13 2005

Apprentice 3, Episode 8

Been a long weekend folks, but here I am finally with my weekly whining about The Apprentice.

So it’s time for the corparate reshuffling to make the Book Smarts and the Street Smarts work together. Several changes were made, but as each is booted, I will tell you which side they were originally on.

This week each team was sent out to talk to an assortmant of famous rockers such as Barenaked Ladies, Lil Kim, Little John, Moby and so on and get them to donate items for a charity auction on FUSE TV for the Elisabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation. Each team talked to different musicians and the prizes got to be pretty wild. (A week on tour with Moby for example) In the end Manga Corp (the former all book smarts team) won with a total of $21,654 to Net Worth’s (the former all street smarts team) total of $11,325. Happily all of it went to an excellent cause.

So what caused the loss? That’s easy, one word, John. Formerly of Street Smarts he had one concern, and one concern only, in the meeting of the celebrities and gabbing with them. He was rude, ballsy and all around unproffesional.

When it came town for the boardroom I did get concerned that Chris, the project leader, was going to go in usual style because he kept insisting on raising his voice to Trump and his cronies. Never wise. In the end though the right person went.

Adios John….he truly were a worthless lump.

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