March 15 2005

December 24th, 9 PM, Eastern Standard Time…..

I am *SO* stoked Rent is finally being made into a movie! Even better, they got the majority of the original Broadway cast to come back for it!

I was lucky enough to see it in early 1997 when the original cast was still performing. I have lost count of how many times I have listened to the original soundtrack.

The film will do one of two things though, it will either A)Be a mindblowing experiance or B)It will destroy the fabric of this play. The big problem is that the original play was done on a very shostring budget and the props are minimal. A pay phone, a trash can, a couple of folding lunch room tables…very simplistic. The band actually was on stage hidden under a “second story” room. This is going to be awfully hard to convey onto the screen without losing it’s rawness.

And yes boys and girls, this show can prove that even big burly men can appreciate show tunes.

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