March 16 2005

Survivor Palau Episode 5

Mark Burnett is an amazing, amazing bastard! Both teams go to tribal council, only one gets food and the losers have to watch the winners eat? OUCH!

The challange was pretty tame…go out on a raft, dive in, bring up a Sake bottle, first team to 6 wins. Not a huge deal. Unless your name is Ibrehem that is. He went down three times and was never able to get a bottle….*slaps forehead*. So again, Ulong falls behind. They almost caught up when Ian from Koror couldn’t spot the bottle.

So off to tribal council both tribes march. Koror first where they vote off Willard. Not a big surprise, he couldn’t contribute much. Then Koror moved over to the jury side, had stew and biscuits and watched Ulong have their tribal council.

Low and behold though, Mark Burnett stikes again! Before Ulong can vote, they are told Koror will get to give one member of Ulong immunity. So who do you think they choose? Why Ibrehem of course….d’oh! Talk about a way to screw over the other tribe.

So with only 4 tribe members up for vote they end up in a tie between Bobby Jon and Angie. I thought for sure Bobby Jon would go, but for what ever reason Stephanie voted for Angie in the second round. WHY??????????

Oh well…it’s not like I really expect to see any of Ulong there at the end of the game anyway.

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