March 25 2005

The Apprentice 3, Episode 10

Challange time was interesting this week. The teams were to put together an instructional demonstration for The Home Depot of something customers could build. Ok…not being handy myself, I could see where this would be a problem for some of the team members, but was it fascinating to see how it effected each team.

Net Worth – All the team members were gung-ho except for Erin, who was upfront from the get go that she had no clue how to do things like this. There was plenty of other things she could have done, but she seemed to think her lack of tool knowledge just excused her from the whole thing. The rest of the team was jazzed though about their project which was a movable Kitchen shelving unit.

Manga Corp – Craig was project manager, and while he was enthusastic, he seemed to have no easy way of communicating his thoughts to the rest of his team. And none of them were excited about his choice for the demonstration which was just a simple storage box.

So when it came to demonstration time, how did the teams do? Well Net Worth bungled everything about their demonstration. Assembled it incorrectly, didn’t involve the audience and took to long to do it.

Manga on the other hand, who were not hyped about their box project, got into it when they saw how excited the kids got about it. They wanted to be involved and do it with their parents. This in turn jazzed the team, and they performed much better in the actual crunch time.

Winners….Manga Corp. Even though the team was not excited at first, they had to admit Craid stayed true to his vision and it paid off. And HUGE kudos to Kendra for even saying the only person on the team who deserved the reward was Craig. Wow…a player who admits they screwed up. Good for you!

In the boardroom it was refreshing to see George and Carolyn bluntly told Trump that Angie, the project manager for Net Worth, did not deserve to be fired even though she made some poor choices. Wowzers…go lackeys!

So in the end, Trump bluntly told Angie her butt had been saved by the lackeys and it was down to the two she had brought back in with her…Erin, the slacker and Chris the hot-headed tobacco chewer. How do we know this about Chris? Well his team constantly reminds you he is a hot-head and Trump freaking obsesses constantly over the chewing. GET OVER IT TRUMP! Yes, it is disgusting, but there is more going on here. Like all your personal habits are wonderfil *coughhaircough*

In the end, Erin and her slacking ways went…no big loss…adios!

Oh, and on a side note, the Home Depot they went into at the end to announce the winner is on 23rd street in New York City. It used to be the building that housed Hasbro Toys NYC offices and Toy Fair showroom…..that hurt to watch. I loved that building, and have some really fond memories of that building. Oh well…time moves on.

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  • I am soooo bored with reality tv! However, I have had the misfurtune of finding something even more boring and that is reading long, overthought recaps of reality tv shows! It took me almost as long to read this entry as it did to avoid watching the actual program! Why don’t you broaden a bit? Check out “House” ( on FOX, Mondays @9:00pm. Fantastic show! I know you’ll fall in love with Dr. House’s stand-offish, don’t-give-a-flying-whatever attitude. He also has an admirably sarcastic sense of humor. In a recent episode he was ticked about having to work in the clinic on a weekend night so he walks into the waiting area, faces the soon-to-be patients and says, “I’m Dr. House and I will be your Dr. this evening. I’ve just come off of an 18 hour shift so don’t annoy me. If any of you get to be too annoying, you may see me remove this bottle from my pocket. This is Percodan. It’s mine. No, you can’t have any and no, I don’t have a pain management issue. Or maybe I do. Maybe I’m just too drugged out to know the difference. So, who wants me?” Good stuff, huh? He’ll become your newest diety. However, if you’re looking for a show to bitch about, find “Fat Actress” ( on Showtime, Mondays @9:00. Yes, that’s right, same night – same time. You’ll have to fire up the VCR, unless you can’t find the remote or something. (inside joke, folks) Where was I? Oh yeah, Annoying Actress. Oops! I mean Fat Actress, although annoying describes the show better. This week she tried to lose weight by using the “Coy Effect”. Coy fish only grow as big as their aquarium will allow, so Kirstie is duped (by Blossom, her next door neighbor and arch nemesis) into adopting it as a dieting tactic. She had to surround herself with little people, live in a little play house, even speak with a little voice. Her normal voice sound like fingernails on a chalkboard, but that little voice had me praying to be struck deaf ASAP!

    Anyway, I’m done. Check out these shows and I’ll look for your reviews on Tuesday.

  • There are so many shows I would watch if only I had a remote control. Oh where oh where would I ever find a remote control?;)

    I watched one episode of “Fat Actress”…that was enough.

    “Dr. House”…well…if they would get someone else to write the commercials I might try it out. “Will Dr. House risk everything to solve his toughest case yet?” Well gee…wasn’t his toughest case last week? Oh wait…this ones even TOUGHER! Silly me;)

    All TV is silly…I really should just give it all up, and I would….if I just had a remote control to turn it all off with…*sigh*