March 29 2005

Mind your own business

You know, the other day I had someone post a comment on my LiveJournal. (you really don’t need to go there, I make the same exact posts here and over there) “Yay!” I thought, I always enjoy getting feedback. Wow…no longer.

I have deleted the comment, and I didn’t keep a copy of it, but essentially it boiled down to some 16 year old kid was sure he had me all figured out from my journal. I was obviouslly wasting my brain away because all I write about is television (apparently he only read the first page of the journal) and just went on to say what a waste it was and I should go and write or role-play to expand my mind. Um…dude…what do you call the entries in a journal?

Folks…don’t ever think you have someone “figured out” just because you read their blog. This is such a tiny portion of who I am. I like to point out stupidity when I see it. Where do you find a lot of stupidity? On tv! So I write alot about tv, don’t like it, don’t read my blog! I think its a fairly simple solution personally.

I would love to write about other things, but as I have said many times before, I can’t for fear of alienating customers of my companies. I would love to write about politics, abortion, Terry Schiavo, gun control, gay marriage, the goverment….any number of things, but I simply can’t. So I choose safe, middle of the road subjects. Don’t like it? Don’t come here! But NEVER assume you “know” who I am, because I can gaurentee you that you don’t even have an inkling of the whole picture.

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