March 31 2005

Yahoo! News – Oil Surges $2 on ‘Super-Spike’ Prediction

Yahoo! News – Oil Surges $2 on ‘Super-Spike’ Prediction

Alright…two things to annoy me today…SWEET! According to this article, “experts” (I always love how people are called experts with no notice of WHY they are experts) predict that due to rising demand, crude oil could hit $100 a barrel.

Folks, we are at $56 a barrel now, and the average national price for a gallon of gas is hovering at around $2.13. So, almost double that price and we are looking at $4.00 a gallon. I don’t know about you, but perhaps we should be pouring as much money as possible now into forms of alternative fuel?

There is current research into hydrogen cell cars, but they say we are at least 15 years away from them being mass produced. That is a WHOLE lot of miles still driven on fossil fuels.

This country has made several mistakes in its history, one of the biggest being a mixture of allowing unchecked urban sprawl in addition to a lack of planning for mass transit systems.

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