April 1 2005

Survivor Palau Episode 7

This has become in exercise in pain each week. Koror killed a shark and found the biggest clam I’ve ever seen. They are eating like kings. They also won the reward challange so they got food from that also. They are eating better than some people I know stateside with a job!

Immunity…well…immunity was just embaressing. It was solve a giant puzzle. Why in the world Ulong chose Bobby Jon to be their caller will be a mystery for ages to come. After a half hour he finally gave up and switched out with Stephanie. Amazing how much progress they made once she was the caller, but by then it was too late. So again, Ulong heads to tribal council.

At this point, the only person I care about staying is Steph because she is actually a good player. They got rid of Ibrehem, though I think Bobby Jon is the one who should have gone. Oh well…does it even really matter at this point?

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