April 2 2005

Apprentice 3, Episode 10

Net Worth was down 5 to 3, so Trump told Net Worth to choose someone from Manga Corps to join them. They decided on Alex. Alex is one of those guys you know he’s on the reality show, but he has done nothing to stand out and make himself noticed. Oh well.

Both teams had to go to work for Domino’s Pizza and come up with a new pizza style. Both with a meatball inspired pizza (gee, sure that had nothing to do with Trump saying he likes meatballs) and then they would spend 6 hours the next day selling the pizzas. Team to makes the most wins. Congrats Manga Corps.

Overall this was a sleep inducing episode except for the verbal, almost physical, fight between Chris and Alex. Yes, Chris was trying to give up chewing tobacco, but that is never an excuse to physically threaten a co-worker.

At the Boardroom, Trump did confront Alex on several subjects, but in the end he fired Stephanie for her management skills. WRONG DECESION! Chris needed to go weeks ago, he is just getting worse and worse.

Oh well…I’m tired, this week sucked…laters

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