April 11 2005

Extra Special Apprentice News

Ya know, I have been ragging on Chris for several weeks now, but yet I never show you a picture of him. So I thought maybe I should finally share one with you. here ya go

Chris Mug Shot

Yep boys and girls, that’s his mug shot from this past weekend. I love You can read all about his arrest here. The gist of though is

“…was popped following a disturbance at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Tampa, Florida. Shelton was arrested at 3:25 AM by Seminole Indian Reservation Police officers and booked into the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Department lockup at 4:14 AM, according to records. After posting $250 bond on the misdemeanor rap, he was released from custody shortly after 10:00 AM. Cops allege that a “loud and inappropriate” Shelton–who, of course, was spewing profanities–got into a beef in the hotel’s lobby, and refused to pipe down at the request of officers. Shelton, who had a drink in his hand, was apparently peeved over his inability to get a wristband which would gain him access to Hard Rock bars.”

Poor, poor Chris…let us laugh in amusement shall we?

Now, let’s say by some oddball chance he is one of the final 2 on the show. Trump doesn’t make his final decesion until the live finale. Do you think this might count against our buddy Chris? Yeah…I think so.

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