April 13 2005


So for those of you using Firefox (and if you aren’t, why aren’t you? go download it NOW!), you might want to look into a plugin called downTHEMall!.

Basically what it does is say you go to a page with a bunch of pictures or video files you want. The old method would be to right click on each one and click “save as”. (speaking pc’s here, if you have a Mac, I have no clue what you do) With downTHEMall!, once you have it installed in Firefox, you click on “Tools”, click downTHEMall!, choose the files you want, the folder they should go to and click “Start downloads!”.

I know, sounds like a lot of work, and if you are only doing one or two files, it is. Last night though, I had 20 images to download on a page, so as opposed to 40 clicks, and waiting between each one, I did 5 clicks, got them all in one download and had to pay no further attention to it. This is an AMAZING time saver! I am so in love with this new feature that it’s not even funny.

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