April 14 2005

Survivor Palau Episode 9

Poor Stephanie…all alone on the Ulong beach. Seriouslly, I know that sounded sarcastic, but I felt for her. Of anyone in her tribe, she fought the hardest. She was very deserving to be the last of her tribe.

Mark Burnett didn’t keep her byherself for too long, he had her go join Koror. They seemingly welcomed her with open arms, but the also were all fishing to get her to vote with their various alliances. The biggest whiner though had to be Coby. Can you say shut up? I knew you could.

So come immunity time it is the age old stand on a pillar in the water and let Jeff tempt you with food. Always amusing. First he tempted them with donuts…2 gave up for them. 90 minutes later he tempted them with 15 chohclate chip cookies…4 gave in. So only three people left, one of them being Steph, who if I was her, I would be very nervous about not having immunity. Well when the pizza came out, down went Steph and the other remining Survivor leaving only Fireman Tom to win immunity.

In the end though, Coby went. Forgetting one of the golden rules of Survivor…don’t EVER just bluntly reveal alliances to someone you are not sure where they stand. Stupid, stupid Coby. Welcome to the jury.

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