April 15 2005

Apprentice 3, Episode 11

The product tie-ins just a keep-a-coming on The Apprentice. This week the teams were charged with coming up with an advertising brochure for the new Pontiac Solstice. (Which I will admit, while not a practicle vehicle choice, is sweet looking)

With Net Worth again down to only 2 members, Trump allowed them to pick someone from Manga to join Chris and Alex, they chose the bow-tie adorned Bren.

Over at Manga, Kendra volunteered to be project manager as she had a histoy of doing PR kits. Tana and Craig agreed it sounded like best choice…and then went on to argue with every choice she made.

Let’s just be blunt, Net Worth made some really poor choices in the design of their brochure. A bland cover, a blurry first photo, read to much like an owners manual, no place for a business card or cd/dvd….just oodles of mistakes. They also felt some weird need to use female models that drew your eye away from the car. Stupid guys.

My biggest bitch this week is with Tana and Craig. At 2:30 AM they decided they HAD to go back to the suite and go to bed. That they couldn’t possibly stay up and work on the brochure, even though it was far from being done. Kendra told them she appreciated their honesty, but she didn’t respect their decesion, and she stayed and finished. She didn’t get home utnil 8:30 AM. YAY KENDRA!

So why does this irk me? I have personally stayed up 1round 36 hours without sleep. I have been at the point of hallucinating and giggling uncontrollably, but you know what? There was a job to be done and by god, I would get it done! I was once handed an enormous project that I had to write and polish 20 pages of a magazine by myself in 6 days. You know what? I did it. I didn’t shower for 3 days (sorry folks), I didn’t sleep more than 4 hours a night, I didn’t shave, I barely stopped for meals, but I had accepted the task and I was not going to let the magazine down.

So you are in a deadline situation, you are tired, TOO BAD! You suck it up and you get your job done! I was almost hoping they would lose just so I could hear Trump go off on them. Instead Kenda (note I did not say the team) did such a good job, Pontiac is actually going to use her design.

When Manga lost, Alex did get railed on by Trump for taking an hour and 45 minute nap, so yay Trump! Rail on the slackers! In the end though, it was the day we had all waited for….at long last the heavens opened, the sun shone down and….ADIOS CHRIS! MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

SO as he’s getting up to leave he starts….yep….he started crying. Trump tried to cheer him up and called him around the table so he could talk to him face-to-face, although, honestly, for a second I thought Trump was going to set him on his lap. “Tell me your troubles little boy.”


Anyway….he’s gone….YAY!

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