April 18 2005

AMPAS Strikes Out Against Fan Fiction


The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, the monster that Jack Valenti built to enforce his letter-coded rating system, has demanded that writers of online fan fiction discontinue the use of said rating system to classify their work.

Well it appears that the AMPAS has a lot of time on their hands, or WAY too many lawyers on the payroll. They have nothing better to do that to go after fan fiction writers who would DARE to use such a commanly recognized system.

See, this is one thing I am going to be curious about, because this system has been used SO many places, I am not sure their copyright would hold up anymore. I believe you have to defend it against EVERY instance. So technically, if a tv show says “Oh, you can’t go see that R rated movie!”, it is never followed by “Rated R is copyright the AMPAS.”

Sorry folks, but I really think this has fallen into the prublic domain.

You can see the original article in The New York Times

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