April 21 2005

Junk Faxes

ARGH! I am so sick and tired of “junk faxes”! In the past 24 hours, not only has the company fax machine recieved 5 of them, 1 of them errored out 3 times causing 3 seperate error reports to be printed!

Here is a sample of what these lovely things advertise, if you have never been lucky enough to see/recieve one:

“Pre-Approved Health Plans”

“Wall Street Profit Alert”

“Acquisition Stock Alert: XXXX” ( I took out the ticker symbol)


REFINANCE NOW!!!” (again, their emphasis)

True, each of them has a “removal line” listed at the bottom, but funny, every time I call one of those, a whole new wave of faxes comes in. Gee…you don’t think they sell that number to other folks do ya? *innocent, wide-eyed look* Or the other trick they pull (the stock ones do this the most) they just change the name at the top of the sheet in hopes you will think it is another company.

I also really enjoy the ones that make it look like they clipped an article from a newspaper, and then put a post it on it that says something like “Here is that article I was telling you about …WOW! – J”. It will appear hand written like they are sharing some hot tip with you. UGH!

These things annoy me even more than spam e-mail because these suckers use MY paper, MY ink and tie up MY fax line with their garbage. Sure they pay for the phone call, but I’m the one paying for the paper and ink!

I did find one good site about keeping track of the worst junk fax offendors though at, worth a look.

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General Rants Work

  • You and I are in the same boat on this fax crap. Thanks for the link, I’m looking at it now.

  • Not a problem. I am fed up with these blasted things coming in. I don’t even want to check my fax anymore, all it does is irritate me.

  • Heather

    FYI: In the US it is illegal for a company you have never done business with to send you unrequested facemail. It is also illegal for any company to fax you anything once you have requested that they stop.

    I’m sure it doesn’t do much, but I file a compliant with the FCC each time I recive one. I makes me feel a little better, and I think I’m recieving less faxes. The website to file at is:

  • Wow…great info! I will start doing this ASAP!